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Aerial Photography Services

AirPeep is an Aerial Photography business based in Michigan, we specialize in capturing beautiful fit-for-purpose aerial photographs along with customer service that goes above and beyond.
We find that our clients are blown away by the creative possibilities elevated filming and photography have when the drone can move in any direction from the ground up to 400ft. Points of view and shooting angles, which up until recently were only available to large budget productions, are now available to all through the use of drone camera platforms. We love speaking to clients to ensure that we will get the most dramatic and exciting footage for them possible.

Why Use Aerial Photographs?

Low level drone aerial photos provide an overall picture not possible from the ground. It’s a great way to showcase a home or property, as well as compliment existing ground-based photos in promotional marketing materials. Construction and engineering firms can benefit from aerial progress photos and finished project shots for portfolios. Aerial photos can help move a stalled property or piece of land, differentiate you from the competition, and increase sales.

Latest Technology

We use up-to-date quality equipment to capture the perfect picture.

  • 4K Video Capturing
  • Image Stabalization and Enhancement

Helpful Staff

Having the latest equipment is only half of the story, to assist you with getting the ideal shot that you will fall in love with, we have friendly well-trained aerial photographers that will listen to your needs.

Cost Effective Drone Photography

The aerial photography industry has been dominated by pilots with full-sized airplanes and helicopters. Fuel and maintenance costs, pilot fees, and aircraft rental fees are often factored in when using real aircraft, and can make the request of a few simple aerial photos expensive and uneconomical. But only in the last 10 years have relatively inexpensive radio-controlled helicopters become large and stable enough to carry the weight of the digital cameras. With advanced automatic stabilization systems and GPS positioning, a purpose-built aerial photography quadcopter can hover virtually motionless while a camera operator looks through a monitor and sees what the camera sees. This allows for extremely precise photography at a very affordable price.

We try our best to fit everybody's needs, however there are some situations that we are unable to serve you.
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